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The Poolitzer Prizes

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Paul Ryan Reveals His Favorite Recipe in The Paul Ryan Cookbook: 20 Easy Meals You Can Make With The Food You Take From Hungry Children


We sat down with Paul Ryan to discuss the artistic process and his lifelong quest to take food away from hungry people.

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With stirring prose as timeless as the Constitution itself, President Donald Trump will take your breath away with this tragic tale of love, betrayal, and a heist gone wrong. No one emerges unscathed, least of all the man he loves most.

Donald Trump is President of the United States.

Profiles in Courage seeks to find a fingernail clipping of moral courage among our nation’s Republican Senators and comes up empty. God bless America.” – Jerry Falwell, Jr.

"I wrote this one too." – Ted Sorensen

Vice President Mike Pence is a true American statesman. Prior to the Vice Presidency, Mr. Pence served as a talk show host, Congressman and later, as the 50th Governor of Indiana. Mr. Pence’s illustrious career is marked by several achievements, including his 2001 effort to defeat the outrageous fallacy that smoking causes cancer. As a member of Congress from 2001-2013—which includes the entirety of the second Bush Administration—Mr. Pence introduced ninety bills and resolutions, of which none became law. Undeterred, Mr. Pence wrote his first book I Care About People which went on to win the prestigious Nebula and Hugo Awards. Profiles in Courage marks Mr. Pence’s first Poolitzer Prize, but almost certainly not his last.

Poolitzer Prize, General Nonfiction: The State Dinner Cookbook by Melania Trump


"In an astonishing display of lyrical mastery, Poolitzer Prize-winning First Lady Melania Trump interweaves the harsh realities of the immigrant experience with the finely-plated promise of the American Dream. Her heart soars onto the page with Mexican-Jewish Barley Pozole (page 94) and ignites the imagination with Indian Tacos (page 16). Never before has a First Lady undertaken such a grand literary quest and grabbed every brass ring along the way.” – Tucker Carlson, Fox News


“Melania’s most ambitious and compelling book yet. The State Dinner Cookbook suggests its much-honored author is not willing to take her own achievement for granted, and the result is a culinary poetry more sensuous and beautiful than ever before." – Alex Marlow,  Breitbart News


“I prefer White People Pozole.” – White House Senior Advisor Steve Bannon


First Lady Melania Trump was born in 1970 in Slovenia, then part of Yugoslavia. Her highly-praised work has appeared in print worldwide, including Harper’s Bazaar (Bulgaria), Vanity Fair (Italy), New York Magazine, and Vogue. A recipient of the H-1B visa, Melania Trump lives with her son in New York City.

Poolitzer Prize, Starving the Poors: The Paul Ryan Cookbook by Paul Ryan


“Don’t you dare associate me with this book.” – Anthony Bourdain

"Try the tater tot protein powder cheese dip. With ketchup!" – President Donald Trump


Paul Ryan is the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District and the current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Speaker Ryan previously served as Secretary-Treasurer of the Ayn Rand Little League Association, which revolutionized Little League baseball by encouraging stronger players to eat the less athletic kids early in the season. A workout fanatic, Speaker Ryan has become a go-to source for the latest trends in protein shake technology. This is Speaker Ryan’s second literary effort and his first Poolitzer Prize. Speaker Ryan’s debut album is expected later this year.

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